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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Call for Abstracts


The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite authors to submit their abstracts for oral presentations to be delivered at the International Whistleblowing Forum.

The thematic areas and timetable are set for your attention below.


Abstracts for oral presentations may be submitted only electronically using the online form on the Forum website – please see the link below.

Abstract submitting link:

In the case that electronic submission is not possible, please contact the IWF Organizing Committee at email address


Oral Presentations Time: 15-minute slot

Papers submitted to the IWF will be grouped together by the thematic area into sessions allotted of 15 minutes slots for each speaker followed by the discussion.


There is no fee for submitting abstracts as well as for presenting the selected papers during the IWF.

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Thematic Areas of the Forum


·       Regulation of whistleblowing currently in force - the EU and non-EU countries

·       Implementation of the EU directive on whistleblower protection

·       Internal investigation

·       Protection of the whisleblower’s data

·       Anti-money laundering solutions and whistleblowing

·       Soft law and good practices

·       International standards of whistleblower protection

·       Criminal responsibility of whistleblowers

·       Whistleblowers and public administration

·       Prototypes of whistleblowing

·       The ‘qui tam’ rule

·       Evolution of whistleblower protection – Federal False Claims Act and amendments

·       Evolution of whistleblower protection across various branches of law

·       Whistleblowing – from recommendations to legal duty

·       Cases of whistleblowing

·       Influence of legal and political culture on whistleblowers’ protection

·       Whistleblowing as an internal process in an organisation

·       ISO 37002 whistleblowing management system – challenges and opportunities

·       Whistleblowing case management

·       Management of internal communication with regard to whistleblowing

·       A whistleblower in the organisation – anti-retaliation measure

·       Whistleblowing and/or business ethics

·       Public whistleblowing and the role of an organisation

·       Whistleblowing and internal audit

·       Motivations of whistleblowers

·       Whistleblowing as part of compliance system

·       Indicators of an effective whistleblowing system

·       Protection of whistleblowers

·       Business ethics and whistleblowing

·       Motivation of whistleblowers

·       Perception of whistleblowing in the society

·       Barriers for effective whistleblowing

·       Ethics of whistleblowing

·       Incentives and prizes for whistleblowers, and their impact

·       Protection of whistleblowers

·       Digital whistleblowing

·       Whistleblowers in the cultural context

·       Motivation of whistleblowers

·       Ethics dilemmas of whistleblower

·       Cooperation with whistleblowers

·       Stress and the act of whistleblowing

·       Incentives for whistleblowers

·       Impact of an organization’s culture on whistleblowers

·       Who are whistleblowers? – psychological context

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Abstract requirements

The abstracts will be accepted in English only.

The abstracts will be accepted only via online IWF submission form.

Abstracts will be made available to the participants in an electronic form. The author is solely responsible for the ethical and scientific content of the submission as well as for its proper grammatical and stylistic form. 

There are no fees for submitting abstracts and for presenting the selected abstracts for oral presentation.


IMPORTANT:  If English in not an Author’s first language, we kindly recommend that the abstract is checked by an fluent English speaker in prior to submission.